Friday, December 4, 2009

A small round up...

...hardly a round up...but I did manage to see 3 complete movies in the last 6 months, most of them probably released probably last year or so...

A Wednesday (8/10)
What a thriller! almost felt it was over in a ziffy! in the end you do feel well another masala movie but for me was time well spent as long as you feel entertained. I quite like Jimmy Shergill in the angry young man role. A phone call to a local police station about a plan to bomb blast bombay in the next few hours sets the tone of the movie with the first bomb planted right inside the police station...if you haven't yet seen it, I think it's worth a watch.

Aamir (8/10)
This one plays on your mind long after you have finished watching it. I wasn't very impressed by it initially as expectations were too high. It is probably better for me to not reveal anything about this movie except that it's about a young NRI returning home to find that his life is about to change the moment he is to walk outside the airport...nothing about reverse culture shock or anything there is a proper story here!

Khambakt Ishk (1/10)

The 1 is for the Dara Singh's son who made me smile with his Hi-Jack joke...the rest of movie the sooner I forget the better for me...can't believe they even hosted an Oscar and got Rambo to fight a local neighbourhood thug. I think I have had enough of Akshay now.

Mumbai Salsa (4/5)
4/5 because I am currently in the process of watching it and totally enjoying it, I would recommend this anyday! Its about the young generation next and breakups in the fast mumbai metro.
[5 Dec 09] (6/10) Finally managed to finish Mumbai Salsa, the second half didn't live up to its initial promise, so not sure whether to recommend it!

Chandni chowk to china (0/5)....I gave up on this after 3 attempts and I think it was the right decision.

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