Friday, December 18, 2009

Mithya, Amu, Dil Kabbadi

Guys what a brilliant last couple of weeks watched 3 movies and all 3 were great watch!

Amu (8/10)

I started watching Amu as I couldn't be bothered to select another movie...I saw the name 'Konkana Sen' and thought can't be a bad watch ...can it be?...Never heard of it before...and no idea what it was about...well with my current schedule that does not surprise me. As the story unfolds Konkona Sen who's lived almost all her life in LA comes to India to discover her roots. She was 3 when she was adopted and taken to America...through her journey to find her roots she learns about the 1984 riots, the great human tragedy when 5000 innocent sikhs were killed in just one night and many more to die in the days following it. It's a truly touching movie and you have been warned not to watch it alone at home...

Mithya (8/10)

Had heard about this movie but had no idea again what it was about...well tan tandang its the 3rd variation of DON with Rajiv Shorey as the lead. Brilliantly supported by guess whom...Vinay Pathak who else! also features the lovely Neha Dupia, Naseerudin Shah and other usual suspects. Dont want to reveal the variation otherwise what is the fun. Totally enjoyed this one!

Dil Kabaddi (8/10)

Had heard about this that it is similar to Metro but nobody mentioned it's funny too. Features Irfan Khan, Rahul Bose, Rahul Khanna, Konkona Sen and Soha Ali Khan...pretty impressed by Soha Ali Khan the rest you could expect to deliver any day. It's about the trials and false expectation (well!) of a man's post marriage expectation I guess ...really not sure what to write here...but nevertheless was a fun movie but not for the entire family I guess.

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