Sunday, August 23, 2009



I must say Ghajini is a brilliant effort, and some great performances and being an ardent Aamir fan was a must watch for me. However I have to admit something about the movie didn't click too well with and I was left a bit disappointed. For starters a reset time of 15 minutes is too aggressive even by Bollywood standards. To put things in perspective, say you get up in the morning and you see the message that you need to take revenge...the reaction time to that is about a minute, then you need to cool down and brush your teeth - 3 min gone, take a shower - total 8 min gone, potty another 5 minutes. So finally you have 2 minutes to dress up, luckily no need to comb and plan for the next 15 minutes. So if it was not for the comb factor it would have been totally un-realistic timings! So either this is a thriller of an extreme kind or falls apart in the face of mankind's brains' limitation. Also when the villian manages to erase the messages on Aamir's body, he blanks out....surely he still has his long term memory right? So Jiyah Khan now becomes his short term memory, but it still does not make sense that she needs to narrate the book to him, surely that is part of his long term memory...if not he does not even remember basically you have this man to whom you need to narrate a book to remind him of the very girl whose murder he needs to avenge...every 15 minutes! However all said and done I really liked the romantic parts of the movie and Aamir was brilliant, the villian really manages to stir up a lot of terror and all in all this is a good masala movie to keep you entertained for 3 hours....but I feel it falls short of the "Taare Zammen Par" and "Rang de basanti" league.

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