Monday, November 26, 2007

Ek Chaalis Ki Last Local

Ek Chaalis Ki Last Local
Rating: 9/10

Having liked Abhay Deol in ‘Socha Na Tha’ I have seen all his movies since his debut, well not sure if he did anything more than ‘Ahista Ahista’ and ‘Ek Chaalis…” the former was hopelessly disappointing while ‘Ek Chaalis..” is a complete comedy thriller. Earlier in the day I was watching an India-Pak test match and the commentator were on about this “Corridor of Uncertainty” where if pitched right, one is not sure which way the ball would go. As the hero of “Ek Chaalis..” you remain in this corridor of uncertainty where you are not sure which way the balls would go. So maybe not that much of a family entertainer but a must see never the less. It has a feel of ‘Pulp Fiction’ but seems to be pretty original, let me know if you have seen this in any other language. Abhay fits the bill perfectly as a Call Centre guy named Neelesh (I wonder when was the last time a lead was given that name!) who misses the last local train and then fate/destiny takes him to ride that will change his life forever. In a brief interval of two and half hours he manages to gamble with the underworld dons, fall in love, and see gang wars, heartbreak, police encounter and lot more…

Verdict: Don’t miss


Sandeep Meher said...

I enjoyed this and it does seem that somebody is trying to be the Indian Tarantino. But I also enjoyed 'Ahista Ahista' and did not think it deserves 'hopelessly disappointing' tag but then I thought the same about 'Kareeb'.

BTW, have you seen 'From Dusk Till Dawn'? It has only one ball which pitches in the 'Corridor of Uncertainty', and the way it turns you almost think that another movie has started.

girish said...

I guess i said 'Ahista Ahista' was disappointing because it was a bit depressing for me, looks like besides me there is another fan of Abhay Deol!!!