Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Chak de! India

Rating: 8/10
I must confess I haven’t had time to see many movies of lately, but this one I made it a point to see it, wanted to see it across few days but saw it in one sitting. With the T20 win recently the movie is well placed to raise the patriotic fervor. It’s about a talented hockey player with a haunting past out to prove a point and redeem his lost stature. His only chance is to lead the Indian hockey team to an improbable win in the world cup. His challenge is to make them play as a team. Still no big deal you might think, then think again, it’s the women’s hockey team we are talking about here. Some typical Bollywood stuff here, might be a bit away from reality but then that’s what dreams are made off. Nobody gave India a chance in 1983 with odds as high as 1:70 at one stage and the rest as you know is history. With no lead actress to distract the King Khan, he gets on well with his job this time! And I quite like the movies churning out of Bollywood mill of lately daring to focus on the story rather than lead couples.

Verdict: Don't miss.

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