Sunday, July 15, 2007

Catching up....

Thanks to all the phone calls, emails, SMS, FAX, telex and letters (not to mention the DHL, Fedex and Pigeons) from all my readers out there who kept pestering me to come back with more, I am finally back, but the backlog is so much that I thought the best way forward is to put a few lines against all the movies I have watched of lately before resuming normal service.

Just after Eklavya, I saw ‘Tara rum pum’ starring Saif and Rani, Halfway through the movie I realised I had seen something similar before and yep the movie is “inspired” by ‘Days of Thunder’, with all the typical bollywood masala….but on the whole I liked it, a good family entertainer.
Encourage by Saif’s performance I tried to see ‘Nehle pe Dehla’ next, also starring Sanjay Dutt, but gosh!! What a movie it was! I watched the whole of 30 minutes, even the lure of writing a review for this movie couldn’t take me to the 31st minute…I need to ask the only other person I know, Jonaki Ghosh who might be able to last such a movie to tell me if there was indeed any plot in the movie….till then lets move on to the next movie…

’Naksha’..this movie came last year starring Sunny Deol (yep you read it right, it did come last year), Vivek Oberoi, Jackie and Sameera Reddy…a movie about an ancient map which will lead to something from the Mahabharta days….interesting plot I thought, soon it become a bit funny then later ridiculous, I was thinking maybe I should have completed ‘Nehle pe Dehla’.
Next I watched ‘Chinni Kum’ which was one decent movie starring AB and Taboo, good comic timing from both and well worth a watch. Taboo especially was very impressive.
Finally I saw a thriller that had also come 2 years back ‘Ek Khiladi ek Haseena’ unfortunately starring Fardeen Khan and Koina Mitra, but I found this one heck of a thriller and definitely the best of all the movies listed above, not sure if it is a remake of any movie, if yes do let me know, if not then count this as a master piece.

To sum up the ratings:
Tara Rum Pum (8/10)
Nehle Pe Dehla (0/10)
Naksha (2/10)
Chinni Kum (8/10)
Ek Khiladi ek Hassena (9/10)

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