Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Eklavya - The Royal Guard


This is a story well narrated, the film is very well made, the cast fit into their role perfectly, it has some element of suspense drama too…but it somehow fails to deliver…I think. Just one title song still the movie appears a bit slow, but it does leave an impact on you and for me falls into the must watch category. Great performances by Amitabh as Eklavya the royal guard, Saif as the crown prince, Boman as the king, also stars Sanjay Dutt as the investigating inspector, Jacqui Shroff, Jimmy Shergill and Nandita Balan (again!). The entire movie seems to be shot in a dark background and somehow gives you a feel that you are watching a play rather than a movie…at least in the cinema it did seem like that. The story seems to question the age old principles of Eklavya…was Eklavya right in cutting off his thumb? Well this will remain debatable…this is about a man who believed that Duty and tradition comes above all and about another who was taught that principles and tradition should be accepted only if you can justify its fairness…..This movie is a product of Vidhu Vinod Chopra gang.

Verdict: Worth a Watch


Somu said...

why have you moved?

Somu said...

and you mean Vidya Balan, don't you?

girish said...

yeah ...whatever balan...:-)